sometimes by the density
and mostly by the emptiness of life
I feel the intensity of silence
I find emptiness in voice

by the turmoil of emotions
and the shallowness of feelings
I get enlightened in the dark
I cannot see in the light

along paths unknown
towards a destination even more unfamiliar
I am a traveller
looking for answers
I am a traveller
searching for a purpose
I am a traveller
witnessing along the way
the bitter truths of life
I am a traveller
by the pettiness of people
displayed in such a grand way.


Is it not time to realize?

Are atrocities
imposed upon human by human?
Hatred, revenge, bloodshed, genocide
How much we have suffered
to reach this far!
to get to this point!
Why this hatred?
Why this anger?
How much more is it going to take?
To realize
that we are the same
we are equal
what hurts you, gives me pain too.


“Praise is like a wine”, he said. And there I stood, completely startled by what I just heard. “Really!??”, it got me thinking. I recalled all the times I had been praised or had praised someone. How every time I had been praised, I longed for more. Everyone likes being praised,don’t they? And everyone shapes themselves accordingly. Human nature! We want so much attention that sometimes we may do something to get praised and to get attention and totally forget that the means we are using to get praises are not praise-worthy at all.
We get addicted to being praised. We get intoxicated by praises. And we do not realize that someone might be praising us not really meaning so, just as a tradition that has to be followed. How vain of us? How foolish of us? Sometimes we even praise others so that we get praised in return. Oh! The shallowness of emotions! I get frustrated. How fake have we become?
He was correct. Praise is, in fact, an intoxicant, difficult to let go.


Finding solace in the busy streets of life
Roaming through the many cities
people define traditions 
or traditions define people? 
people build societies 
or societies build people? 
we really are 
who we think we are
Is it just another illusion?




Stars do twinkle
Birds do sing
Wind does blow
Sun does shine
‘ve been too late
‘ve just realized
Flowers do bloom
when there’s no hope of life

When hope leaves you behind
Joy bids you goodbye
Shattered like glass
have no strength to try
There still a reason
Life abides you by